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“The Marching Band is one of the public faces of our school, and in some settings (like parades), the only public face. If our marching band looks good, our whole school looks good.” - This is the essence of some words spoken by our band director, Nick Greeson. We all know it to be true. It is much responsibility in the hands of a small group of students. They deserve our support, and we give it gladly and with enthusiasm. This is the goal of this site.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

SCHS Pops Concert 3-12-14 - Choir and Piano

Mr. Ables and his students performed Pop tunes at our Pops Concert on 3/12/14.

SCHS Pops Concert 3-12-14 - Concert Band

The gap between the Holiday Concert and the Spring Concert is just too long.  So Mr. Greeson and Mr. Ables scheduled a Pops Concert to showcase the talent at Sussex Central High School.  Here are some pictures from the Concert Band's performance.